The Brazen Burgundian - Costume and Culture in 15th Century Burgundy...and France

I am currently rebuilding my website to be a one-stop resource for researching the Valois court of Burgundy. This spans the Ducal reigns of Philip the Bold, John the Fearless, Philip the Good, and Charles the Bold (Brash). This is a new endeavor, so as new things are uncovered or more research is available I will continue to update the website. My goal is to provide researchers and historical re-creationists  a starting (and finishing eventually) point to research the Valois court of Burgundy and by extension Medieval France of that period.

Please feel free to offer suggestions or resources that would be beneficial to our collective research.

New Additions...

The Visual Record
8/29   - Pinterest Boards added

8-29  - Doublets vs. Pourpoints: A Research Discource between K. Bariche and C. Burk

Links and Sources
8/29 - Tailor's  Ordinances from the King of France 1463 (French)
8/29 - Glossary of Medieval Archaeology   (French)

Translation Projects
8/29 - Translation from Clothing in the Court... The Pourpoint/Doublet

Clothing Blog
8/29 - old and new blogs updated

Translation Projects
8/27  - Translation from Clothing in the Court... 1.2 General Concepts
8/27  - Translation from Clothing in the Court... Men's Robes

8/27  - Doctoral Dissertation on Clothing in the Court of Philip the Good. (French upload)

8/27  - Inventory of Furnishings of Chateau Chailloue 1416  ( French)
8/27  - Inventory of  John the Bastard of Orleans - c. 1468 (French)
8/27 - Inventory of Furnishings of Charles V, King of France (French)
8/27 - Inventory of the Duke of Berry vol 1 (French)
8/27 - Inventory of the Duke of Berry vol 2 (French)

8/27  - Household Linens and underwear of the Middle Ages from The Burgundian Inventories (French)
8/27  - Vertical Headdresses of 15th Century Northern Europe (English)

Links and Sources
8/27 - Armorial of Guillaume de Revel ~1450 (armorial with clothing)

8/27  - Fur as artifice in the 14th - 16th centuries